Pertino – Networking Reinvented
April 03, 2012

NVP has a legacy in identifying strong infrastructure companies. Over the years, our investments in Airespace, Spinnaker, Virtela, Extreme Networks, Cerent, Redback, Blue Jeans Network and others, have helped create strong businesses with lasting power. We’ve also been a part of ground breaking platform, hosted, subscription and cloud pioneers—including investing in the first hosted application service, Corio (acquired by IBM), making an early venture investment in Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) (and continuing to serve on the board today), serving as an early investor in Qumranet (KVM) (acquired by Red Hat), and founding Verio (acquired by NTT), one of the largest Internet services companies serving the small and medium-size business (SMB) market.

These organizations usually have at least two, if not three, consistent qualities: deep, defensible technology; a strong experienced management team; an understanding of where its market is headed; and knowing how to be one of the first companies to offer a differentiated solution to the marketplace. We’ve been lucky to help build a number of companies over the years with this formula for success, and we’ve been fortunate to work with entrepreneurs who know how to adapt to the changing market. When we met with Pertino Networks, we knew this company had all of the necessary ingredients for future leadership and we were immediately attracted to Pertino’s vision and the potential disruption in this segment that has long been overdue.

Pertino Networks is building a cloud-networking solution that aims to deliver big IT capabilities in minutes. Not only is the company’s solution patent-pending, but it’s incredibly simple and flexible. Additionally, the management team has great domain expertise – the CEO, Craig Elliott, has a proven track record from his days at Packeteer (really the first traffic optimization solution), and prior to that, Apple. The founding engineering team also includes successful engineers from Blue Coat, Packeteer and other proven infrastructure companies. The team has worked together for years, and it has witnessed firsthand the problems enterprises face. Pertino founders share our vision that the cloud will change the complexity of building, deploying, managing and securing enterprise networks. As a result, they want to build something radically simpler, more secure and flexible—something that puts enterprise-class capabilities within reach of any business.

In the world we live in, consumers want dynamic, full and instant access to technology. We’ve seen this through our investment in Rackspace, where the company made the cloud available to all businesses instantly. We’ve also witnessed this phenomenon with companies like, where “instant on” access to the application layer was made possible for all businesses. Pertino is bringing these “instant access,” “instant on” capabilities together into its own solution, but in the form of infrastructure as a service. There has been a lot of talk about “infrastructure as a service,” but Pertino’s unique, self-serve/instant-on approach to infrastructure is extremely disruptive, and something that hasn’t been possible until now.

We are excited to announce our Series A investment in Pertino Networks, as the company is at the forefront of a theme we’ve been looking at for the past few years—the “consumerization of the enterprise.”  Pertino understands that the next wave of offerings for the enterprise will take advantage of the cloud and make it radically easier (and cheaper) for companies to secure and manage their networks. We believe, and are betting, that Pertino’s solution will dramatically change enterprise networking much in the way that Dropbox and have changed the ways consumers manage their files. Stay tuned for more to come on Pertino…

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