Why We Like Investing in Financial Technologies
April 12, 2013

Motif medium

Today Motif Investing announced a $25M investment led by Goldman Sachs. NVP is very proud of the team and humbled to be part of this great company and the board of directors.  Sergio led the Series A venture investment for NVP a few years ago and serves on the board.

Motif, as well as Lending Club, where Jeff led NVP’s Series A investment and is a board member, are two of several financial superstar technology companies in NVP’s global portfolio.  Both of these companies play on a significant mega trend we are very excited about in the consumer finance space: “the emergence of the empowered investor.”

We believe the combination of such internet innovations as mobile, crowd sourcing, social media and big data make this a perfect time to build new companies and empower consumers by providing them with better tools, more data and enhanced products and services.

We are thrilled to be early investors and continue our partnerships with great entrepreneurs like Renaud Laplanche at Lending Club and Hardeep Walia at Motif Investing, to help consumers take charge of and improve their financial lives.

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