Venturing Into 2014: Predictions From The Investment Community
December 18, 2013

AdExchanger recently published a 2014 predictions piece called “Venturing Into 2014.” Below are my thoughts from the article, including what I believe is in store for world of ad tech in 2014.

‘Tis the season for predictions, so AdExchanger reached out to members of the venture capital community for their opinions on what’s in store for 2014.

Jeff Crowe, managing partner, Norwest Venture Partners

  1. “Real-time” engulfs the entire marketing ecosystem. Real-time no longer just means DSPs automatically bidding on RTB exchanges. RTB is now RTA (real-time advertising) on its way to RTM (real-time marketing), encompassing all communications between a brand and its customers.
  2. The mobile app and the mobile ad merge, making mobile ads finally interesting to users.
  3. Ads that fully engage and deliver a user’s true attention break out – they go beyond being the subject of ad-tech conference speeches and explode into a hot ad unit with full transparency and viewability that all brands are talking about.
  4. Data-management platforms (DMPs) become broadly and deeply deployed by leading brands. In the meantime, the definition of a DMP becomes even more muddled, as every ad-tech vendor looks into its product bag of tricks and discovers that it, too, has a DMP.
  5. The holy grail of attribution becomes closer to reality, as the attribution wars heat up. Standalone attribution vendors see their customer adoption soaring, while existing ad platforms scramble to offer their own “good enough” attribution solutions. Meanwhile, with better attribution, brands discover the truth about the real value of search in both offline and even online conversion.
  6. After years of industry hype, some big brands actually execute four-way (display, social, mobile, video) cross-channel advertising with frequency caps in a single campaign across multiple continents.
  7. Big CRM and enterprise software companies start to actually care about all this.

And finally, the tech IPO train does not stop in 2014 and even includes a few more ad-tech passengers. Let the good times roll!

This article first appeared on AdExchanger. 


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