Our Investment Approach


We are committed to every investment in our fund, regardless of stage, sector or location. We invest out of one single fund and our partners have a vested interest in making each company in our portfolio a success. Entrepreneurs—whether they are based in the U.S. or abroad—benefit from our broad network of global contacts and
portfolio services.


We are patient through down cycles,
and our deep operating experience and
entrepreneurial backgrounds make us realistic about how businesses unfold. We advise our portfolio companies at all phases of growth, from start-up through IPO or acquisition. Our size, global presence, and heritage enable us to offer our portfolio companies
long-term value.


Our Israel office was established in 2009 and is managed by Norwest General Partner Dror Nahumi. We have a local focus on Israeli entrepreneurs and investors, while being completely integrated with Norwest’s global platform and best practices. We are stage and sector agnostic in our investment approach, and seamlessly integrated into the investment
decision process globally.

Investments in Israel

Accord Networks







Netro Corporation














How We Help

We collaborate closely with management teams to think critically about key strategic issues, business building initiatives and how to collectively drive increased shareholder value. We actively help our portfolio entrepreneurs in a variety of areas including: business development, sales, recruiting and marketing.

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying

  • The professional level of service and value add from Norwest, and most notably from our board member, Dror Nahumi, was a huge benefit to ScaleiO. Even before the investment was made, Dror established a tremendous amount of credibility with our company, and he continued to be dedicated to ScaleiO after the investment was made. He and the entire Norwest team played a part in our success by making strategic introductions to key business partners, helping with recruiting and marketing strategy, and gearing us up for a successful launch. Dror also delivered on every small thing that was promised while providing an open line of communication with our executive team. He let us be in the driver’s seat but took an active position of guidance when needed. Norwest has proven to be an excellent partner.

    Boaz Palgi, Founder and CEO - ScaleIO

  • We had our first discussions with Dror Nahumi as part of our B round back in 2010. At the time, SundaySky had a tremendous technology but was still in a process of figuring out its best application and the right model to sell it. Despite the vague path we were taking, Dror was able to identify the potential and opportunity and led a round that was no doubt an inflection point in the life of our company. As a first time CEO I needed the guidance that is required to transition from a pre-revenue company to the fast growing business that we have today. Dror played a significant role in providing me with the help that I needed and in changing the trajectory of the company. His insights, smart advice and mentorship made all the difference. Norwest are real partners who manage completely transparent communications and align their interest with those of the company. We are fortunate and proud to be part of the Norwest family and are looking forward to many more years of fruitful partnership and success.

    Shmulik Weller, CEO - SundaySky

  • The entire Norwest team, specifically Dror Nahumi, is all about true partnership. At every step of Pontis’ exciting journey, Dror has been there to listen, learn, and provide strategic guidance. From the little things to the biggest of decisions, through the good times and the bad, Dror and the Norwest team are always there, giving their full support to the executive team in an empowering and transparent way. Dror also takes this approach to the board room, where he is instrumental in establishing a board that is harmonic and has no hidden agendas, only driving toward Pontis’ success. Norwest’s strong relationships in the industry opened many doors for us and made a significant impact on the Pontis’ business.

    Udi Ziv, CEO - Pontis

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